Presenting the world's largest photography collection with style


Getty Images Gallery

My RolE

Lead designer, UI/UX



Getty Images Gallery is a London based photography gallery owned by Getty Images. The gallery showcases and sells premium prints from their enormous collection, which includes the some of the world’s most renowned photographers and memorable historical and cultural moments.

The previous version of the gallery site was outdated, and was sagging under the burden of a large, cluttered database of products. In addition to serving as a showcase for the gallery’s collections, the client wanted a website that would provide customers with a high-end online shopping experience. Additionally, the site promotes gallery events and news relevant to artists in the collection. I designed the user interface and site identity, provided art direction, created user flows and an updated, much simplified site map. I worked with Wildern’s front- and back-end developers to make sure that my designs for a clean, modern, glamorous site were compatible with the digital asset management system our clients needed.

The modular, layered style recreates a clean, "white box" aesthetic of a gallery space while adding luxe notes of sophistication and design. A variety of sliders, product detail, and featured work components pull images and information dynamically from the content management system (CMS). This allows the site's editors on the client side to easily create and highlight collections and artworks in response to current events, trends, and areas of focus for the gallery.