Growing a movement to destigmatize conversations about mental health  


Horizon Foundation

My RolE

Creative Director,
UX Designer


Paid media (TV, Broadcast, Digital), Social media, Web design, Community outreach

The goal of the Emotional Support Human campaign is to destigmatize mental health struggles and encourage openness and support for people who experience depression and other mental health issues, specifically people who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color, ages 18-34. Research shows most people know when a friend or family member is struggling conversations stall because of the potential for embarrassment, awkwardness, or lack of experience discussing mental health. As the program entered its second year, the Horizon Foundation approached our team to rethink their campaign.

We started with research. The insights from in-the-moment and focus group interviews led us to develop a campaign that inspires empathy, using a warm, vibrant color palette, organic textures, and relatable stories. I worked with video director Chris Hernandez to develop concepts for five new animated short videos that celebrate courage, vulnerability, and acceptance. Art direction and character design was created by Heather Alabado, with animation by Nick Terry.

I created a campaign identity and brand system for consistency across campaign deliverables. I developed a sitemap, content strategy, and wireframes, and worked with web designer Sarah Fischer to create a website that provides resources and an invitation for people to share their Emotional Support Human stories. The site content includes a lot of tips for the audience, and we didn't want to overwhelm, so we created an experience that shares information in limited doses, revealing more content as they scroll. The relatable, unique illustrations and video content are woven throughout the site to create a Support Human "world" that people can identify with and feel a part of.

Key Results: To date, the 2020 campaign is performing 4.2 times better year-over-year than the Foundation’s previous Support Human campaign (in terms of click-throughs from social media and advertising to the website).