Providing a site for self-directed exploration of resources and answers about the COVID-19 vaccines


Horizon Foundation

My RolE

Creative Director, UX Designer


Web & Branding

One year into the pandemic, vaccines became available for widespread administration to adults in the United States. But not everyone in Howard County, Maryland was excited–many people were hesitant to get vaccinated. Our challenge was to provide a non-biased, informative campaign that would give Latine and African American county residents the information they needed to trust the vaccines. At the time, information and access to the vaccines changed almost daily, as did the County's response. Through a rapid series of focus groups and community events, the research team identified priority audiences and their pain points. We tested several visual directions before landing on an illustration-based approach. Knowing the campaign needed to be authentic, transparent, and trustworthy, we built a website that invites people to choose their own discovery pathways based on their concerns and interests. With a modest budget and a timeline driven by urgency, we sourced and modified illustrations from the Blush open-source library, and designed the site in the browser using Webflow.

Early moodboard explorations