Helping Washington residents prepare for the REAL ID law


Washington Department of Licensing

My RolE

Branding, User Experience, Web Design, Creative Direction



PRR helped Washington State's Department of Licensing disrupt the national approach to enacting the REAL ID mandate, focusing on the impacts of the law and alternative identification options available to all state residents, including those who are not citizens or do not have documentation. The statewide campaign aims to educate people about the REAL ID law and the new identification requirements for travel starting October 1, 2021. Working with a team of copy writers, researchers, and a multicultural outreach partner, we launched a campaign brand over the course of 8 weeks. The campaign prioritizes communities that are likely to be disproportionately, negatively impacted by the new policies and is transcreated in Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish, and Chinese. The campaign is now in its fourth year.

As lead designer on the project, I developed logo concepts and final brand guidelines, created educational materials, and developed creative for six multimedia advertising campaigns over the course of three years. The creative process was infused with regular collaboration with our multicultural outreach partners to center perspectives of people with limited English proficiency. Brand concepts and the campaign name were tested in five languages with focus groups to ensure that the final creative would be trustworthy, easy to understand, and relatable to priority audiences.

Working with a community engagement strategist and web developer, I designed a responsive, lightweight, and interactive website to help our audience understand their ID options. The site includes a quiz to help Washington residents determine if they are already REAL ID-compliant. The quiz outcomes provide information about the forms of ID needed based on audience preferences and needs. The site is delivered in five languages, and content was co-created with a language services team. I continue to work closely with the video animation team and marketing strategist to develop new concepts and creative as the campaign continues into its fourth year.

The campaign reached a milestone at the end of December 2019: over 1 million active Enhanced Drivers Licenses and IDs in circulation. This represents 16% of all active Washington licenses and ID cards. DOL expects that 29% of eligible Washingtonians will have an EDL/EID at the time of REAL ID enforcement. More than 85,000 customers chose to get their first EDLs/EIDs during the fourth quarter of 2019, an increase of 190% over the same period in 2018. Demand increased significantly each month from March 2019 until the start of COVID-19, due to focused ID2021 marketing and communication outreach efforts.